Here at Shi’dor we focus on delivering superior service to all of our clients. Whether that be through providing one of a kind stones, trimmings and material, or producing a unique design for our clients to utilize. The Shi’dor package is the best option that a client can select when their aim is to position a quality costume or an entire production on the road. 

Our team of advisers can ensure that you have the latest information as it relates to Carnival trends and the most up-to-date material in terms of the overall direction the Carnival sector is taking. Moreover, we can provide any client with a top-quality costume(s) via our prototype package.
Both our prototype package (which includes consultancy) and consultancy package come with an additional discount on all materials used to generate the costume(s) provided and any other types of materials we have available for sale.
The procedure to follow with respect to having a design created involves first speaking with a member of the design team. This designer would require information surrounding your theme or any ideas that you have for your proposed section.
In terms of design ownership, once a prototype has been approved, you have the option to purchase partial rights, which would allow both companies to acknowledge the prototype, or full rights, which would denote the prototype as solely yours. A non-disclosure agreement is also included as it relates to all prototypes, approved, or otherwise.
Time-frames for prototype completion typically range from six weeks to two months. This range allows for the sourcing of any applicable material and for higher levels of costume design.
We are very open to considering any input that you may have in order to solidify and materialize your vision. 
Roughly speaking, a single prototype, based on the level and detail of the design can usually start from $1,000.00 USD inclusive of a frontline, a backline, and a male costume. Alternatively, or in addition to, a section leader can be initially produced as well and can start at $800.00 USD. These prices are calculated based on material, labor, and a designer’s fee. Full rights to the costume would result in an additional fee.
Please note that we are also willing to provide any necessary consulting services to your production team to ensure that they can accurately reproduce the prototype. 
Raw Materials & Mass Production
In addition, we can assist with your production efforts by selling all of the items on the prototype at a uniquely discounted rate.
Should you have any further questions, or should you wish to discuss any mass production requirements, please email or complete the form below.
Required Information 
Please include the size(s) of your  anticipated section (s) and your proposed theme(s) in the "Question/Comment" section below.
Past Work Samples 
For samples of carnival costume prototypes, please visit our Pinterest page
We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest in Shi’dor.

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