​5 Carnival Wire Bra Sellers to Remember in 2017

​5 Carnival Wire Bra Sellers to Remember in 2017

Shi'dor on Dec 10th 2016

Where to Get a Carnival Wire Bra in 2017? - Top 5 Sources

Have you ever prepared for carnival, and after spending all year waiting, discovered that the band gave you a bra that didn’t fit or even worse, was ugly or under decorated? That’s annoying, and if that happens to you in a foreign country, you’re then stuck with the hassle of finding someone local to help you out. What if we told you that getting a wire bra ahead of time could prevent this? In fact, what if we told you that cup size and all of the other myths didn’t matter to most designers that know what they’re doing? *more on wire bra myths later*

We’ve compiled a list of reputable places that you can get a wire bra or two from. The most obvious place is Shi’dor. Shi’dor is in the US, is known for exclusivity, and can offer you a wide variety of wire bras to suit your every need, carnival and beyond. One thing you may not know about Shi’dor is that you can also buy the raw material to make your own carnival wire bra. Just go to and buy as many  gemstrimswire bra frames and anything else you like. Shi’dor will deliver your wire bra supplies right to your door.

1 – Shi’dor

Starting price: $95.00 USD

Now that we’ve got the most obvious place out of the way, here are a few other places where you will find nice wire bras. You may be surprised at just how many places offer custom wire bras, and while this may not be a truly exhaustive list, it’s certainly enough to let you purchase a custom wire bra in advance to avoid drama on costume distribution day. Keep reading to find out where you can buy custom wire bras.

2 – Ginger Wire Bras

Starting price: $160.00 USD 

Extra attachments: $190.00 USD

Ginger resides in Trinidad and is known for flashy applique styled wire bra decoration. Many masqueraders opt to work with Ginger when attending Trinidad Carnival. Instagram: gingerwirebras

3 – Shop Evolve

Starting price: $85.00 USD

Located in the Bahamas, Shop Evolve is known for decorating beautiful wire bras generously and adhering to client requests down to the smallest details. Shop Evolve is one of our personal favorites when it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction. Instagram: shop_evolve

4 – ShopFrosting

Starting price: $120.00 USD

Shop Frosting is US based and you may be familiar with some of the glamorous designs on names like Spice, a Jamaican dancehall recording artist, singer and songwriter and Kaci Fennell-Shirley a Jamaican model, TV Host and beauty pageant titleholder. Instagram: shopfrosting |

5 – R. Babb Designs

Starting price: $75.00 USD

Located in the US, R. Babb is known for unconventional wire bras designs. R. Babb describes the brand as "the unique wholesome combination of individuality & style." We can agree. Instagram: rbabbdesigns

Bonus - 6 – AhSek Designs

Starting price: $75.00 USD

Known for unique 3D designs and country flag wire bras, AhSek Designs, a US based company, could not be left off the list. AhSek Designs encourages individuality and if you see the phrase "why be normal?", you've found the place. Instagram: ahsekdesigns

Bonus - 7 – Tobye Melissa Gill

Starting price: $112.00 USD

While we're not sure about response times and delivery times with this seller, the designs are too beautiful to be ignored. Tobyemg is a fashion designer based in Trinidad and should definitely be explored the next time you need a wire bra. Instagram: tobyemg

NOTE: It’s been a bit slow in coming, but most carnival bands now sell wire bras. After all, they have been selling the standard bras for decades, so it’s really just an obvious progression. Try asking your band if they carry your size for a wire bra as well.

When it comes to buying bras, make sure that the designer is familiar with producing bras for your cup size and is able to ship to your location. Comfort and convenience are key. There’s no reason now why you can’t buy a wire bra whenever you feel like it. Client reviews can also help you to make a final decision.

Have you had any experiences with the sellers above? Have any starting prices changed? We'd love to hear about it. Leave a comment below.